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"F" is for friends; 
Jan 03 14
Music: DBSK = Sexy Crack

All righty, I've finally decided to F-lock my LJ.

1) I've added you already
2) We fangirl over the same things
- right now, those would be:

Code Geass (Lelouch/C.C.)
07 Ghost (Frau)
Star Ocean (Albel Nox/Nel Zelpher)
Kingdom Hearts (Riku and Zexion owns all - I think I have a thing for silver hair)
Specific Final Fantasy games (currently Dissidia & XIII)
Final Fantasy XII (Ashe/Balthier)
Syfy's Alice (Hatter/Alice)
D. N. Angel (Satoshi Hiwatari/Risa Harada, Daisuke Niwa/Riku Harada)
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Darker than Black
(Hei/Misaki, Suou!bashing)
Gundam 00 (Lockon Stratos!Neil Dylandy in general, Lockon!Neil/Feldt, Lockon!Neil/Tieria, Allelujah/Marie, Lockon!Lyle/Anew, Setsuna/Marina)
Final Fantasy XIII (Cid/Lightning is my OTP)

3) I know you from some LJ comm or something else (like roleplays for example)
4) I talk to you frequently online
5) I know you in real life and I trust you completely not to say anything 

A) Frustrations caused by school work
B) Random To Do Lists
C) Writing or roleplay sprees
D) Reactions to anime and/or manga
E) Stories of my life outside LJ (aka those friends)
F) Venting about drama around me (aka Family Issues)
G) Fanfiction :D

Comment if you want me to be your friend.
Jan 04 08 (UTC)
OMFG... Not Friends locked!! You do realise, I shall expect a pretty banner on your LJ every month. XD
Jan 04 08 (UTC)
Yes, yes. But you're one of my friends so you can read them, FS.

As for banners, I don't think I'll be bored of this one for a while.
(Deleted comment)
Aug 11 08 (UTC)


*instant friend-add*

(Deleted comment)
Aug 14 08 (UTC)
Things have been complicated but it's all worked out. You?
(Deleted comment)
Aug 26 08 (UTC)
School started a while back. I hate being a third year in high school. It's soooooooo hard here in the U.S. ARGH.

Sep 10 08 (UTC)
Heya Reizna! Thanks for friending me and all. Just thought I'd drop by and check up on how you're doing. :)

Still writing a lot? Haha, I love that ability of yours. I can never bring myself to write out full chapters even if I tried. xD I end up with many bits of snippets. Gimme some tips, yep yep? :P
Apr 28 09 (UTC)
hey :) do u mind if i add u up? :D
May 10 09 (UTC)
nope. i don't mind at all.
Sep 24 09 (UTC)
hey there, can I add ya?
I love code geass too (lelouch and c.c. specifically) XD
Sep 25 09 (UTC)
haha, yess. another lelouch/c.c. fan. i have no problem with it. :)

btw, &hearts your icon.
Sep 25 09 (UTC)
lol. thanks. I kinda obsessed with lelouch cc pair though haha.
you like cc x suzaku?
Sep 26 09 (UTC)
Yes, I like them too. I just need to find some good fanfiction. Any recs? XD
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