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All this darkness will surround you
'cause I'm burning for you | burning like a candle
i've got nothing better to do; 
Jul 21 08
KH: Kairi = heart's a battlefield
today's recap:

So...I went to San Bruno, south of Frisco today. Mom wanted something installed into her new car. A LoJack or whatever it was called. We left at like 10 this morning and got there at 11:30 in the morning, and it turns out the person installing it wouldn't be there until 4.So we hung out at the mall: me, my sister and my Mom. Nikki bought some bright pink skinny jeans from Forever 21. I was going to get these blue ones, but I didn't since I really wanted some red ones. Eventually, after lunch, we found the Hot Topic and went in there and I FOUND THE RED SKINNY JEANS I WANTED. AND IT WAS A PERFECT FIT. So...I bought it. Haha, yes! I was like fuck yeah and all happy but then, Nikki was like 'shit...I should have waited. The purple colored ones here (in Hot Topic) look cute". I laughed all the way to Hollister where we bought some tank tops (which were on the clearance stuff).

Hollister stuff are expensive.Shit.I'm practically poor right now. Haha. XD

Then, we went to Barnes and Noble....where I got so fucking paranoid and pissed off. So much for the 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me'. PSH. THAT LIES. So anyway, I was reading some manga and then, all of a sudden, I hear some girls asking each other 'Is that a guy?' And I happened to be sitting a couple of tables in front of them and I was like FUCK. It's about my stupid bob-like haircut. My hair's currently short in the back and it sucks.

So naturally, I was like "I swear if you're talking about me. I will blow a fuse or something."

And I never figured out if it was about me or someone else. I really hope it wasn't about me. I have low self-esteem as is. I don't need society to kill what little I've got after my stupid haircut. ARGH.

Then, we got the LoJack and went home....and here I am, bored as ever.
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