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2011 To Do List 
Dec 30 10
Code Geass: C.C. = Empress
  1. UCR Resident Advisor resume (Jan. 5) - didn't make it
  2. Attempt to make it on the Dean's Honor List (GPA of 3.5)
  3. Attempt to write a Gundam 00 fanfiction
  4. Go to the gym every school night
  5. Always review Macroeconomics because I will struggle with that course
  6. Always post on my LJ + tumblr.
  7. Keep up with the anime I start.
  8. Save up for my Fanime badge + train ticket ($124) to get to San Jose and back to Riverside. (At least, $5 a week.)
  9. Make my New Year's Resolutions last the whole year.
  10. Lightning cosplay as Aya Brea (Fanime 2011.)
  11. Possible female!Tieria Erde cosplay.
  12. Possible Misa Misa cosplay.
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