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All this darkness will surround you
'cause I'm burning for you | burning like a candle
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Dec 01 07(no subject)
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress
Daaaa da da da da.

While feeling much of page fright (or in this case, blog fright), I'm not really gonna post much today.

One. My friend finally got a livejournal. Whoo-hoo. Go bobfirez. His literary work's awesome. Way better than mine obviously.

Two. Obsessive much. Phantom of the Opera has struck again. This time, in some form of Chinese, which one I don't know.

The Phantom of the Opera - Kris Phillips aka Fei Zhuang & Zhu HuaCollapse )

The guy singing's (Kris Phillips aka Fei Zhuang) got some powerful voice there too. My god, I wish he played the American Phantom. That would have been awesome. The woman, Zhu Hua's pretty good too. Almost as strong at the end as Sarah Brightman.

Note to self: Get a flippin' life if still listening to different language versions of songs.
Nov 16 07 - She's back...
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress
Jesus Christ, my sister is back from camp. She came home today....I think she lost weight while EVERYONE ELSE (mom and auntie) says that she gained. I swear to God she lost weight....or else, I need to get my eyes checked again...which is happening next week for my contact lens. Weird....ne?
Oct 31 07(no subject)
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress
happy halloween, people. I miss you all. XD I have to get used to updating with my mom's PDA. well, i'm beginning to learn to type faster on it. anyways, I didn't cosply as Lenalee today. didn't get any of the costumes done but i'm proud of my boy. he won the costume contest at school. he made his costume of Master Chief from Halo 3 himself. it looked so awesome while I was a geisha. i'll get a pic up eventually. XD

pray for me...because my online life will be restricted quite soon. but I won't stop writing my fics in my notebooks. when I come back, i'll have a lot to do.

Love you all.
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress
I feel so old when I see the freshmen. And I also feel short since I am and can probably hide within their ranks. LOL. XD My classes are Art, English II, French II, New Testament Studies, AP Biology (the letter didn't come, but the school says I'm in), P.E. and Geometry. New Testament is like last year's Old Testament class, but the teacher's male, louder and I can't fall asleep in that class. AP Bio's like college. English and French are the same pace - same teacher and same classroom. Geometry is hella easy in the beginning; I think I'm acing it so far. XD Art and P.E. are the relaxing classes for me. W00t. But then, thinking about my classes, me and my boy have only two classes with each other: Art & AP Bio, where I sit near him all the time. Yay, and nay at the same time. 

Fanfics: Done with funky_squirrel's challenge fic and posted it up. Working on Blood Bond, stage 9 and Foreign Studies, Chapter 4. I want to get those done before the weekend's over and then, my mom takes control of my internet usage again. That's why I haven't updated anything all week. My mom's like "STUDY, STUDY AND STUDY. NO COMPUTER." Can't live like that. It drives me nuts. I don't even know how I can survive - maybe, it's the chocolate keeping me in check. Maybe, just maybe...
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress
Damn AP Bio. Parents are making me be serious about it now. Got two more weeks until they decide if I'm cut out for the subject. That explains my lack of fanfic and blog updates. So yeah....had to take a break with that, but now I'm back for now.
Dead Fantasy: Rinoa = Sorceress

Reizna actually came from a combination of two of my online aliases.

Rei came from Reixas, which is my Roleplay name 'Seira' rearranged with an 'x' placed in. That roleplay was Kingdom Hearts stuff.I kept playing Nobodies and Heartless...so that kinda explains that part. 

Zna came from "Kizna", which I'm usually known as on Finalfantasy.net. Basically, I couldn't decide on which name to change into on fanfiction.net so I combined them with the help of my roleplay friend.

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